The Honeybus — “He Was Columbus”: Brace for the Obscure (60s rock)! — October 10, 2022


605) The Honeybus — “He Was Columbus”

I couldn’t find a song I wanted to feature that featured the term “indigenous peoples”, so here is the Honeybus’ “He Was Columbus”. So sue me.

Another glorious track from the glorious Honeybus (see #6, 52, 207, 434, 562). “Columbus” was from the ’70 album Story, which Angelfire says “was eventually released without promotion . . . by which time Honeybus was no more . . . [but] remains a classic of the era, [with] twelve shining gems . . . . [that] went nowhere”. ( Bruce Eder calls it “a beautiful album, with the kind of ornate production and rich melodies that had become increasingly rare with the passing of the psychedelic era” (

As to the Honeybus, Jittery White Guy puts it perfectly:

Honeybus had the pop touchstones of the Beatles and the Hollies, while balancing the more sunshiny, twee aspects of the early Bee Gees with some mild touches of post-Sgt. Pepper psychedelia. . . . Their songs were unusually tuneful, some lovely little hooks paired with sweet harmonies, and it’s almost shocking to hear these songs today and realize the band had pretty much zero commercial success (at least here in the US). . . . It’s definitely one of the long lost classics of the late 60s.


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