The Status Cymbal — “Lovin’ Day”: Brace for the Obscure (60s rock)! — October 7, 2022


602) The Status Cymbal — “Lovin’ Day”

Sunshiney ‘67 A-side and album track puts a smile on my face. I bet it’ll put one on yours.

Simon Omnes tells us the story:

A southern folk music group consisting of Florence [Warner], her brother Byron Warner, and Tom Porter. Originally called Warner, Porter and Warner [the name under which the single was released], the trio had to change their name to Status Cymbal due to . . . their record label, RCA Victor. . . . [A]s Byron Warner explains . . . the company wanted the group to present itself as a Bubble Gum band, a type of upbeat music production that would appeal to young listeners. So the songs in this album are designed to bring a smile to everyone. And for that Tom Porter — who composed the majority of the tunes while Donna McBride wrote Lovin’ Day — did a great job. . . . working under the direction of Felton Jarvis, who was Elvis Presley’s producer. . . . [T]he group offers stunning singing; a trio of harmonies, guitar, flute, and piano melodies that conquers your soul. . . . Great tunes to put [on] a smile . . . .

Byron Warner comments on YouTube that “This was our first single. Always really liked the way the harmonies worked. Still fun to listen to.” (

As does Donna Overall: “I wrote the lyrics to this song back in the 60’s when I shared an apartment with Florence Warner and had a major crush on Tom Porter. I am the “McBride” listed in the credits for the album.” (

As does Momma and Pappa Dupree: “Tom Porter[‘s]. . . . son Jody has been very successful as the guitarist for Fountains of Wayne. (

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