The Recession’s Here! Special Edition: Nobody’s Children/The Artwoods: Brace for the Obscure (60s rock)! — July 28, 2022


The perfect songs to welcome in the recession!

534) Nobody’s Children — “Good Times”

The A-side of the Children’s only single (’68) is a hilarious garage rock classic from the Irving, Texas band about a hardscrabble life. Or is it? “Well, I work all day from nine to five just grubbing enough to try to stay alive. Five o’clock comes, crawl back in my crummy hole eating wheat cheapies from a cracked plastic bowl.”

Mome Wrath comments “remember hearing this record was so hated when first released, no-one would well it so all copies you find are mint, unlike his cracked plastic bowl. . .” (

Band member Allen Schram recalls:

My brother Ray and I wrote and produced Good Times in 1968. I played the bass and drums and did the vocal and Ray did the guitar work. I want to thank you for putting it up and calling it great music. It was great fun for us. Thanks, Allen

Here’s a cool version by Australia’s Beasts of Bourbon (’84, B-side):

58) The Artwoods — “Brother, Can You Spare a Dime” [REPLAY]

The Artwoods were founded by, yes, Art Wood, who was the older brother of future Stones guitarist Ron Wood. They were a top touring R&B band, but their success never translated to record. 

“Brother” was a Depression-era classic made famous by Bing Crosby in 1932. Art Wood explains their ‘67 A-side cover version: Fontana Records “wanted the band to cash in on the ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ movie. . . . They suggested it would be a great idea if we all dressed up as gangsters . . . . [W]e had a press reception . . . where stuntmen fired blanks from real machine guns. . . . It was exactly the same lineup as the Artwoods, but called the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre!” Alas, the 45 was only successful in Denmark.

Here is Bing:

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