Chantal Kelly: Brace for the Obscure (60s rock)! — May 21, 2022

456) Chantal Kelly — “Notre Prof’ D’anglais”

Fab ‘66 yé-yé single by Chantal Kelly. As to Chantal:

One of the lesser-known yé-yé girls is French singer Chantal Kelly, who had a short-lived music career, but made her mark during the movement nonetheless. She debuted in 1965 with “Caribou,” a song with a world music vibe. While many of the pop singers of the ’60s sang covers of UK and US hits, Chantal had an upperhand with her personal songwriter Cris Carol, a known singer-songwriter. But she retired from the music industry after five EPs and a full-length album.

A Google translation of a French wiki page adds that:

Chantal Bassignani, eager to work in the entertainment industry, takes singing lessons from Cris Carol's mother, who then sent the recordings of her vocal exercises to the Philips record company.  She began her career in 1965 recording, under the pseudonym Chantal Kelly . . . .  The songs are written and composed by Cris Carol . . . .   Chantal subsequently went on several tours accompanied by Michel Delpech, Jacques Dutronc and Johnny Hallyday. At the same time, she is approached by the Bella company to appear in several advertisements for their successful dolls. . . .  After five records and a full album, Chantal Kelly quits the music world, declaring that she despises all her recordings from the 1960s.

Here are the lyrics in French with a Google Translate English approximation:

“A lalalala lalalala lalalala Lalalala lalalala lalalala Tous les lundis matins Moi j’aime bien rentrer au lycée Car le lundi matin Commence par le cours d’Anglais Et notre professeur Qui n’a je crois guère plus de vingt ans Nous fait pendant une heure Une leçon made in England I am – je suis You are – tu es She is – elle est He is – il est Hoooo la lalalala Il est play boy Lalalala Et il nous plaît Lalalala Le prof d’Anglais Il est tellement gentil Qu’avec lui on est vraiment bien sages On ne fait pas de bruit On reste comme des images Nous connaissons par cœur Des tas de verbes irréguliers Et l’on n’a jamais peur Quand il vient nous interroger I am – je suis You are – tu es She is – elle est He is – il est Hoooo la lalalala Il est play boy Lalalala Et il nous plaît Lalalala Le prof d’Anglais Mais voilà les vacances Et loin de lui je vais m’ennuyer Quand l’été recommence Finit pour nous le cours d’Anglais Et j’attends la rentrée En regardant tous mes vieux cahiers Mais en réalité le prof ne me quittera jamais I love – Je t’aime You love – Tu l’aimes She loves – Elle l’aime He loves – Il l’aime Hoooo la lalalala Laaa lalalala lalalala lalalala lalalala lalalala lalalala”

“la la la lalalala La la la la lalalala lalalala Every Monday morning I like going to high school ‘Cause Monday morning Start with the English course And our teacher Who is hardly more than twenty years old, I believe. Made us for an hour A lesson made in England I am - I am You are - you are She is - she is He is - he is hoooo la la la lalala he is a playboy La la la la And we like La la la la The English teacher He is so nice That with him we are really very good We don't make noise We stay like pictures We know by heart Lots of irregular verbs And we are never afraid When he comes to question us I am - I am You are - you are She is - she is He is - he is hoooo la la la lalala he is a playboy La la la la And we like La la la la The English teacher But here comes the holidays And far from him I will be bored When summer starts again Finished the English lesson for us And I'm waiting for the fall Looking at all my old notebooks But in reality the teacher will never leave me I love - I love you
You love - You love her She loves - She loves him He loves - He loves her hooo la la la lalala Laaa lalalala lalalala lalalala La la la la lalalala lalalala”

Here is a live performance:

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