Marianne Faithfull — “In the Night Time”: Brace for the Obscure (60s rock)! — April 27, 2022

430) Marianne Faithfull — “In the Night Time”dd Dr

What more can be written about Marianne Faithfull? The last song of her’s that I featured was the B-side of her last big hit (’65) (see #111). “In the Night Time” is a gorgeous, haunting rendition of a song by Donovan (that he would release as “Hampstead Incident” on Mellow Yellow) — it appeared on her final 60’s album — Love in the Mist. This seems to be a developing theme . . . .

Richie Unterberger savages the album:

Faithfull’s final album of the 1960s . . . was a confused, patchy effort that seemed indicative of musical directionless. . . . This would have been categorized as “eclectic” rather than “directionless” if the material had been better, the arrangements more inspired, and the singing more commanding, but that wasn’t the case on any of those counts. There are still some enjoyable bits . . . .

Putting aside Marianne’s unnecessary version of “Yesterday,” I think Love in the Mist is a wonderful album, and no track is better than “In the Night Time.” OK, the lyrics are a bit much:

Standing by the Everyman, digging the rigging on my sail. Rain to the sound of harpsichords, to the spell of fairy tale. The heath was hung in magic mist, enchanted dripping glades, I’ll taste a taste until my mind drifts from this scene and fades in the night time. Crystals sparkles in the grass, I polish them with thought. On my lash there in my eye a star of light is caught. Fortunes told in grains of sand, here I am is all I know. Candy stuck in children’s hair, everywhere I go in the night time. . . .

Now, Marianne singing “digging the rigging on my sail” takes on a whole different connotation than when Donovan sings the line.

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Donovan’s “Hampstead Incident”

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