Dave Clark Five — “Your Turn to Cry”: Brace for the Obscure (60s rock)! — April 11, 2022

411) Dave Clark Five — “Your Turn to Cry”

“Your Turn to Cry” is a ’65 B-side and album track on two albums. I love the Dave Clark Five, for their glorious hits and underappreciated ballads (see #208, 320), like today’s song. It appears that at least at one time, the band had a more devoted following in the U.S. than in the UK. Gary Howman wrote in 2008 that:

The recent induction of the Dave Clark Five into the US Rock’n’Roll Hall Of Fame demonstrated how the group is more valued abroad than in their homeland. Although they enjoyed commercial success throughout the 60s in Britain, their chart career was uneven, their concert appearances few and their legacy overlooked. . . . Overseas it was always a different story . . . . In America, their reputation is especially high and their songs still feature on the radio, TV adverts and in occasional movies (Garfield 2, anyone?). Tom Hanks enthusiastically introduced them at the Hall Of Fame induction ceremony and Bruce Springsteen has often referred to their impact on him. In the USA they enjoyed 17 Top 40 hits in just over two years, made six coast to coast tours and appeared a record 18 times on the top-rated Ed Sullivan TV show. In 1964, they were the main rivals to The Beatles . . . . It was estimated that through 1964 and 1965 The Dave Clark Five were selling a million records a month in America.


Was that really the case? If so, is it still the case? In either case, a shame.

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