John Williams — “Can’t Find Time for Anything Now”: Brace for the Obscure (60s rock)! — April 2, 2022

402) John Williams — “Can’t Find Time for Anything Now”

No, not that John Williams — I’m talkin’ about the one who hung out with Jimmy Page! This ’67 B-side is exquisite baroque pop and I think we can all relate (even though David Wells’ liner notes to the Come Join My Orchestra comp of British baroque pop notes that “the lyrics fail to explain why Williams was suddenly so busy”!).

David Wells gives some history:

Brothers John and Berne Williams fronted R&B band The Authentics, cutting an unreleased single with Jimmy Page before the Giorgio Gomelsky-produced “Honey Love” was issued in June 1965 in the name of Brothers William. John was already writing songs for the likes of Julie Driscoll when he signed a publishing deal with Jimmy Page . . . . Page placed his material with such bands as the Mindbenders and The Quik, while Williams also recorded a couple of solo albums and a brace of 1967 singles [including today’s song].

Discogs adds more about Page:

The Authentics . . . . had a residency at the Marquee [in] London supporting The Yardbirds. Indeed, Berne Williams introduced Jimmy Page to the Yardbirds. They recorded one unreleased single with Page as producer and harmonica and guitar. John . . . recorded an album with Jimmy Page and Big Jim Sullivan under the name Maureeny Wishful.

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