The Great Scots: Brace for the Obscure (60s rock)! — March 4, 2022

373) The Great Scots — “The Light Hurts My Eyes”

‘66 A-side from “the most kick-ass garage band ever to don kilts” ( and “Canada’s answer to the Beatles”! ( Utterly fantastic song — compelling riff and the message that sunlight isn’t always the best disinfectant: “Girl . . . I wish you never made it known and left me in the dark thinking you were mine, you were mine alone. Girl, the light hurts my eyes, girl, the darkness is kind . . . .”

Cub Koda informs us that:

[T]he biggest group from Nova Scotia: the Great Scots . . . cut three singles of wild punk music, loaded with solid playing and great screaming vocals. . . . Hailed in the Canadian press as “Canada’s answer to the Beatles,” the group flew down to California in 1965, looking for bigger horizons to conquer. [They] capitalized on their Scottish heritage and wore Nova Scotian tartan kilts onstage, causing quite a stir everywhere they played. [They] sported solid harmonies and a wide musical palette that embraced everything from blues to rock & roll to a smattering of jazz. Their fame in California grew by leaps and bounds, doing guest shots on both American Bandstand and Shindig! [and] receiving the key to the city from the mayor of Santa Barbara, California. But the good times came to a quick end by 1967 because of the Vietnam War. The members had permanent visas, meaning they were all eligible for the draft. When [one member] was [drafted,] the others . . . called it a day and moved back to Canada.

“Girl, the darkness was so kind to me. In its shadows you’re the one. Now the dawn surely blinded me and I can’t shut out that sun. Girl, you shattered what I wanted to believe in. Love, I know you couldn’t stand to be deceived then. But I wish you never made it known and left me in the dark thinking you were mine, you were mine alone. Girl, the light hurts my eyes, girl, the darkness is kind, girl, the light hurts my eyes. Now I see what I was afraid to see. Girl, I know I shared that kiss. Now it can’t be what it used to be. I just can’t bring back that kiss. Girl, I’m watching all my [paper castles?] stumbling. The fantasies all over I saw crumbling. Girl, I know the darkness likes you, but in the black of night I couldn’t see, couldn’t see the truth. Girl, the light hurts my eyes . . . .”

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