The Tallifer Group — “This Happiness Feeling”: Brace for the Obscure (60s rock)! — January 26, 2022

331) The Tallifer Group — “This Happiness Feeling”

“This Happiness Feeling” was the A-side (’68) of the only single by this Aussie band. It is the PERFECT sunshine pop song — perfect melody — perfect lyrics. Well, the sun does shine a lot in Australia. “Micko’s Aussie Rock & Pop Legends (..well mostly)” posted the song on YouTube and says:

A terrific psych/folk single by little known Aussie band The Tallifer Group. . . . was the only recorded evidence of the band . . . released in October 1968. I’ve heard The Tallifer Group were from Sydney, however “This Happiness Feeling” only briefly charted in Melbourne, reaching #39 & staying for 2 weeks so they may have hailed from that city.

Such a perfect song, and yet the Tallifer Group is so little known that Micko makes this desperate plea: “So who were The Tallifer Group &/or T.R. Brinstead [(the songwriter)?] I can’t find any other band listing for him. And does anyone know the other band members, where the band came from & what happened to them[?]

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What the hell, here’s the trifle of a B-side:

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