The Dave Clark Five — “To Me”: Brace for the Obscure (60s rock)! — January 15, 2022

320) The Dave Clark Five — “To Me”

OK, now for a British beat group that is actually British! “To Me” is a gorgeous ballad (see also #208) that dares to clock in at only 1:45. Bruce Eder says about this wonderful track and the wonderful album from whence it came (65’s Coast to Coast) that:

[“To Me”] might be as fine as anything that Lennon and McCartney wrote on the Beatles’ first three albums, with its exquisitely lyrical saxophone break . . . . Had there been an actual rock press in 1964, or if the Dave Clark Five had been taken more seriously sooner, Coast to Coast would probably be regarded today as something close to an essential British Invasion record . . . .

All Music Guide

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