The Crystal Rain — “Hey Ma Ma”: Brace for the Obscure (60s rock)! — December 31, 2021

304) The Crystal Rain — “Hey Ma Ma”

In the Oxford English Dictionary, the definition of the term “monster riff” is accompanied by three musical illustrations — from T. Rex’s “Get It On,” Oasis’s “the Hindu Times” and the Crystal Rain’s “Hey Ma Ma.” No, really.

“Ma Ma” was the first A-side by “a short-lived band from Dayton, OH [that] released two singles in 1969 . . . . a very catchy and hypnotic song written by [drummer Bill] Moan . . . .” ( Man, it is so mesmerizing that I think I am writing this blog entry under some sort of hypnotic suggestion. I strongly advise those with epilepsy not to watch the accompanying video. The lyrics also have a great refrain — “You can find someone to think about, think of one to dream about, dream about one to think about.” How was this song not a hit? How was it not on Nuggets? Could it be because the band was known for using “a couple distinctive band vehicles, first a 1957 Cadillac hearse, and later a customized 12 seat bus that was painted red white and blue”? (

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