Les Irresistibles — “Lands of Shadow”: Brace for the Obscure (60s rock)! — December 20, 2021

286) Les Irresistibles — “Lands of Shadow”

Here is another melancholy gem from the sons of American diplomats (clear-spot.nl/item/483249/les_irresistibles_the_story_of_baxter_williams.html) living it up in Paris (see #194). “Shadows” was a ‘68 A-side (outside of the U.S.).

The band formed in 1966 as The Sentrys, when the members were teenage classmates at the American School of Paris. They developed a following among the local American community by playing cover versions of contemporary hits. They came to the notice of recording scouts, and eventually signed with CBS, who marketed them as Les Irrésistibles. The arrangement included British carmaker Triumph as a corporate sponsor, and the company’s TR5 roadster featured prominently in the group’s first video and early publicity photos.


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