Mojo — “Candle to Burn”: Brace for the Obscure (60s rock)! — December 7, 2021

275) Mojo — “Candle to Burn”

San Francisco’s Mojo Men were certainly fluid. They were great when they were all men (see #140). They were even better when singer/drummer Jan Errico joined from the Vejtables (see #84), and they thus dropped the “Men” to become simply “Mojo.” “Candle to Burn” is the leadoff track of the Mojo Men’s/Mojo’s first and only album — ‘69’s Mojo Magic (and a single). But as Jud Cost’s liner notes to the Mojo Men comp Sit Down . . . It’s The Mojo Men states, the album was “[s]addled with one of the most hideous album covers in music history — colored blossoms layered over a group mug shot [and it] sank without a trace.” The group folded soon after. A shame, because Mojo Magic was one of the most glorious sunshine pop albums ever released.

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