The Buzz — “You’re Holding Me Down”: Brace for the Obscure (60s rock)! — November 12, 2021

246) The Buzz — “You’re Holding Me Down”

The legendary Joe Meek produced this song, the A-side of the Edinburgh band’s only single (’66). “Down” is “a frantic piece which almost borders on total mayhem at times” (Vernon Joynson), “a beehive orgy of frenzied guitars” (Richie Unterberger in All Music Guide) with an “almost psychotically unhinged lead vocal” (David Wells’s Joe Meek Freakbeat comp liner notes), a song which “merge[s] mania with almost instant oblivion[, a] frantic, almost tortured piece [where] there is, somewhere, the merest hint of melody, but it’s mostly overlooked as the band breaks into mayhem” (Rubble).

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