Girl, Uninterrupted Special: and now for the songs — November 8, 2021

240) Kate — “Strange Girl”

This ’68 A-side was one of three singles by the London based group. Vernon Joynson says the song is “rather ordinary.” That is nuts. This haunting song was chosen to lead off the first volume of the fabled Fading Yellow comps, and it was a perfect choice.

“Strange girl, strange way of talking and a strange way of love.”

241) Neil Sedaka — “Cold Girl”

Neil Sedaka?! Yes, you heard right, Neil F’ing Sedaka! He co-wrote this ’66 song with Carole Bayer Sager, but never released it. A shame — a very kinky song, the kind you don’t take home to mother (especially the kind of mother who loves Neil Sedaka). Bobby Sherman did record a terrible version as a ’67 B-side.

“Cold girl, you’re getting kind of groovy. Cold girl, I think you’re gonna move me.”

Here is Bobby Sherman’s version:

242) The July Four — “Frightened Little Girl”

’67 A-side. Really don’t know anything about the group.

“A frightened little girl outside my window and she’s looking for a world that she doesn’t know. A fickle little girl looks like she’s on the go. But how is a world to know?”

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