and now for the songs — November 1, 2021

232) Paul and Ritchie and the Cryin’ Shames — “Come on Back” 

The [Decca] Freakbeat Scene comp calls this ’66 B-side “one of the most exhilarating British records of the mid-to-late 1960s, a riot of manic vocals, frenzied guitar and florid organ playing.” Yup. The Real Life Permanent Dreams comp says it has a “magnificently neurotic vocal matched by a savage garage punk backing and a vague Eastern influence.” Yup.

What is astounding is that the single’s A-side was the standard “September in the Rain,” recorded by everyone from Frank Sinatra to Sarah Vaughan! WTF? Who in God’s name was the target audience?

“I need you girl to comfort me at night, baby.  I love you girl, cause you’re so wild at night.”

Here is the A-side:

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