Lord Sitar — “I Can See for Miles”, The Whispers — “Knowin’”: Brace for the Obscure (60s rock)! — October 19, 2021

217) Lord Sitar — “I Can See for Miles”

No, Klaatu fans, “Lord Sitar” was not George Harrison, rather, session guitar wiz Bill Jim Sullivan (who happened to own a sitar). He and his label were trying to cash in on the sitar craze in ‘68. Bruce Eder in All Music Guide says that:

“On one level, it isn’t any better than one would expect from a studio pick-up band doing raga-style covers [but] it does have its odd moments of beauty, such as . . . the sitar subbing for the lead vocal line on Pete Townshend’s ‘I Can See For Miles’ is worth hearing once, at least.”


Well, I think it is worth hearing on repeat!

218) The Whispers — “Knowin’”

The Whispers were actually Warren Schatz, who also went by the Petrified Forest at one point. Schatz went on to become a big disco producer for artists such as Vicki Sue Robinson and Evelyn King. “Knowin’” was his ‘66 garage classic. Talk about turning the beat around!

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