West Coast Experimental Pop Art Band — “Help, I’m a Rock”, Focal Point — “Lonely Woman”, Please — “Seeing Stars”: Brace for the Obscure (60s rock)! — October 11, 2021

197) West Coast Experimental Pop Art Band — “Help, I’m a Rock”

Mark Deming says that:

“[WCEPAB was o]ne of the more offbeat acts to emerge during the psychedelic era . . . eclectic and ambitious enough to live up to their slightly clumsy moniker, capable of jumping from graceful folk-rock to wailing guitar freakouts to atonal, multilayered, avant-garde compositions at a moment’s notice . . . .”


“Help” was a ‘67 single, a zany cover of a Frank Zappa song, that “flung them into freakier pastures”. (Richie Unterberger, https://www.allmusic.com/album/part-one-mw0000010251)

Here is Zappa’s original:

198) Focal Point — “Lonely Woman”

Another lovely song by Focal Point — the band did no other kind.

199) Please — “Seeing Stars”

Please starred Peter Dunton (ex-Neon Pearl, the Flies and Gun and later in T2). The Aquarian Drunkard says that:

“Almost everything about the life and career of Peter Dunton is a little bit hazy. Part of that is due to his ‘chronic lack of success’ . . . . [He] dabbl[ed] in mildly notable late-’60s psych groups . . . . By far his best work from this time came with the group Please, who languished, failing to release any recordings until Acme started doing so in the late ’90s. . . . Seeing Stars[, the compilation album, was] a surprise stunner of organ-driven, hyper-melodic psych-pop. . . . [It] in particular makes it clear just how much of a shame it is that Dunton wasn’t able to reach more listeners in his time . . . .”


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