and now for the songs — October 4, 2021

177) Dr. John — “Mama Roux”

Off of Dr. John’s debut album Gris-Gris (’68) — “the spookiest album ever recorded” (Trunkworthy) — “Mama Roux” is a song that Alison Fensterstock described in Rolling Stone as a “co-composition with local New Orleans R&B star Jessie Hill” that is “spooky [and] snaky” and that “[w]ith incantatory background vocals that seem composed to invoke a spirit . . . ‘Mama Roux’ is deeply, funkily New Orleans . . . .”

“Mama Roux, she was the queen of the little red, white and blue. . . . Ooh why, can’t cha spy boy. Prepare yourself to die boy. Medicine man got heap strong power. You know better than to mess with me. . . . If you see a spy, boy, sittin’ in the bush. Mess ’em on the head, give him a push. Get out the dishes, get out the pans. Oh he’s a pheasant for the medicine man. . . . Singin’ wham bam hangin’ ham. Come on down boy and now follow me. Singin’ wham bam thank you mam. Come on boy and follow me.”

What does all this mean? I have no idea, but this online discussion is enlightening:

178) The Koobas — “Barricades”

The Liverpool band opened for the Beatles but couldn’t chart and split just as its sole LP came out (‘69), including this stunning raver featuring “thundering bass, ghostly voices, wild guitar and venomous sound effects” (Rubble).

179) The Jelly Bean Bandits — “Say Mann”

When asked by Psychedelic Baby Magazine in 2018 as to whether “there [was] a certain concept behind the album,” keyboardist Michael Raab of the upstate NY band said “[t]he concept was to write enough tunes to fill an LP, and write in a hurry. When Mainstream signed us we told them that we had 12 tunes ready to go. The truth was we had 3 . . . .” ( Refreshingly honest and cheeky! The band wrote the rest of the album’s tracks in a week and recorded them all within 12 hours.

“Say man, why you thinking so far away?”

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