and now for the songs — September 22, 2021

142) The Temptations — “Message from a Black Man”

A message song (’69) from the mighty Temptations whose message is even more relevant today than the day it was written.

“Yes, your skin is white. Does that make you right? Why don’t you think about it? . . . This is a message, a message to y’all: together we stand, divided we fall, oh. Black is a color, just like white. Tell me: how can a color determine whether you’re wrong or right? We all have our faults. Yes we do. . . . Your eyes are open, but you refuse to see. The laws of society were made for both you and me. Because of my color, I struggle to be free. . . . No matter how hard you try, you can’t stop me now.”

143) The Lemon Drops — “I Live in the Springtime”

The Drops’s only droplet (’67), only released in Chicagoland, but wow!

“Every day you lay out in the sun. Every night you stay out having fun. In the spring I love everyone.”

144) Billy Nicholls — “London Social Degree”

From the towering lost classic album Would You Believe.

Wait, London social degree . . . LSD?!

“Yes I went to school when I was a youngster. But you can keep you maths and GCE’s. I have found a test that makes me think better. It’s the London social degree.”

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