and now for the songs — September 4, 2021

97) Third Bardo, “Five Years Ahead of My Time”

A-side of their only single (5/67), and the NYC band nailed it.  Garage psych at its best. Supposedly pulled off the air because of presumed drug references.

98) Jeff Monn, “I Need a Friend”

Former Third Bardo lead singer Jeff Monn released an incredible album in ’68.  Orchestration courtesy of Peter Schickele — the one and only P.D.Q. Bach.

“Don’t need a lover, got too many other.”

99) The Birds, “No Good Without You Baby”

’65 single is a searing cover of Marvin Gaye’s song.

“I got money and I got fame, but if you leave me they don’t mean a thing. That’s why I’m begging baby, please don’t go. That’s why I’m trying girl to let you know. That’s why I’m trying babe to make you see just how much, how much you mean to me.”

Marvin Gaye’s version:

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