and now for the songs — August 8, 2021

31) The Ferris Wheel, “Can’t Break the Habit”

Per Jim Dunn in All Music Guide, the psych-tinged soul band was “one of England’s great lost musical treasures of the mid- to late ’60s — immensely popular among club audiences [but] never able to translate their ability to win over crowds into chart success . . . .” This ’67 single deserved so much better.

32) The Fleur De Lys, “Mud in Your Eye”

Nuggets II calls this ’66 single “milestone U.K. freakbeat.” Yup. “Girl, you’re driving me mad, you’re making me sad, you’re treating me bad . . . While you’re running around my life’s going down and now the future’s looking dim.” The future’s so blighted I gotta wear shades!

33) The Birds, “You’re on My Mind”

Blame the Byrds for their clipped wings, and see Ron Wood (writer of this ’64 single) soar with the Faces and the Stones.

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